We seek to be a living display of the Good Stuff of God.

We value…


We treasure our relationship with God.  Knowing God is everything.  Jesus is the hope of everyone and is the way to God.  Life with God is good.  Living for God is better.  Living completely sold out for God is best.  We will never know God until we come to know the Person and Work of Jesus Christ.  We have to know Him in His death, burial and resurrection. We are helpless and hopeless without Jesus. The Gospel is the thrilling news that we can know God and have a life-changing relationship with Him.


We encourage the reading and study of the Bible. God gave us this amazing writing so we could know him.  It’s not only a Good Book, in it is everything we need to know to have a relationship with God.


Small groups of people together for the good are good together.  Relationships are best developed in small group environments.  We value strong and meaningful relationships with one another and with God. You will find small groups gathering on a weekly basis throughout our community. In homes, offices, coffee shops and restaurants, our church is learning that we grow better together.


If we are going to influence, help, even transform our community for the better, we must be involved in it. We will resist the urge to “cocoon” ourselves within the comfort of our own culture and our own walls. Salt does no good in the shaker. Covered light results in darkness. As a church we will involve ourselves in the world around us. As individuals, we will value the human touch in our community.


This church is a living community, not an institution. Collectively we seek to be an attractive display of the work of Jesus in us. We hope that by the way we live and the stories we tell, others will be attracted to God. His church is the hope of the world.


We are about equipping people to be the best they were created to be. Helping people do the right thing demands a church where people are empowered to do so. We want everyone readied, released to serve.


We value authentic Christ-like living. What we teach and preach ought to be seen, not just heard. It should square with what we live. We agree that we are not perfect and we will admit when we fail. To be authentic we must develop integrity, allowing accountability with one another. Our goal is truthful living. Encouragement is needed and necessary.


Celebration and worship of Jesus is a hallmark of a winning life. We have something too few have: Joy.  We should celebrate the God who has saved us. He is worthy of it. When we genuinely honor our God, it causes those who don’t know Him to consider the difference. Yes, we are serious about knowing God, loving God and worshipping God, but that doesn’t mean we are against having FUN.